Venus & Adonis

5-7th Dec 2019

After a sell-out inaugural production, Beaten Gold, we are proud to present our next show, Venus & Adonis. 

Text William Shakespeare

Music Claudio Monteverdi

'No more of love. The sun doth burn my face, I must remove.'

Venus is in love with Adonis. One morning she finds him out hunting, and wildly confesses all.

Affairs of the heart, though, are never simple. And love and hunting are dangerous occupations.

Adapting Shakespeare's strange, dreamlike poem and the only surviving fragment of Monteverdi's lost opera l'Arianna, the NRC is proud to present a show devised by its artists.

Showing for a limited run of just three nights, come and experience this bold new adaptation from one of London's most experimental interpreters of the classics.


Duration: 1 hour

Direction: Sam Rayner
Musical Direction: Frederick Waxman
Dramaturg: Angus Bower-Brown

In association with the CLF Art Cafe, Peckham



'totally enthused'

- Classical Music

About the show

Cast & Creative

Samuel Rayner

Frederick Waxman

Katya Hamilton

Nik Corrall

Talia Stern

Celia Learmonth

Hylton West

Charlie Merriman

Rosalind Dobson

Camilla Seale

Angus Bower-Brown


Musical Direction 


Costume & Set

Assistant Direction

Venus / Ness 

Adonis / Aiden

Titan / Head Butcher 

Graces / Ensemble



Responses from our Scratch Night - 30.03

'The emotion drew us in. Especially liked how the roles were interlinked and evolving throughout the piece -  very engaging for the audience. I felt the choral work added depth and atmosphere.’

‘The singing was so atmospheric and beautiful! Such effective visuals with so few props.’


‘The music was very good and lifted the scenes to another level. Because of my own difficulties with the English language, it was like a translation. It was very playful.’


‘I want to see your work again.’


‘I loved the combination of poetry and opera. Also the power of the ensemble moving and singing together.'


‘I loved the choir. I loved the shapes everyone was making. Dizzying and overwhelming in a good way.’

Company for Scratch

Samuel Rayner

Frederick Waxman

Angus Bower-Brown


Hylton West

Camilla Seale

Laura Hocking

Rosalind Dobson

João Valido Vaz

Alex Bower-Brown

Tom Curzon

Nina Georgieff

Lauren Moakes

Tom Lacroix

Celia Learmonth

Scarlet Wilderink

Angus Bower-Brown


Musical Direction












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