St. Bartholomew the Great

Sept. 2018

a re-telling of Monteverdi's opera, L'incoronzione di Poppea and Shakespeare's Richard II

two tales of power, corruption and sensuality


Musical Director 



Costume & Set 

King Richard  



Lord Marshall /




Sam Rayner

Frederick Waxman

Camilla Seale & Frederick Waxman

Chris Burr

Laura Albeck

Jasmine Dhingra

Angus Bower-Brown

Frank Kerr

Hylton West

 Saul Boyer

Camilla Seale

Laura Hocking


'Per il nome di Giove e per il mio, oggi sarai, ti giuro, di Roma imperatrice'

(By Jove’s name and by my own, today, I swear it, you will be empress of Rome)

Nerone and Poppea - Monteverdi's L'incoronazione di Poppea

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'We'd anticipated tackling the final duet, 'Pur Ti Miro', with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. In our production, it became the  culmination of the two narratives. We searched for an idea that could straddle the abstract and the concrete aspects of two stories and encountered all kinds of complexities. Then we found a sheet and just played. It became a wonderful way of expressing entrapment, intimacy, passion, deceit, and - with a few additions - treason. Sometimes you've just got to pick up a sheet and run with it...'

Sam Rayner - director

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'both bold and delicate... we left feeling uplifted and nourished'

Brian Clarke - artist

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like a traitor coward,
Sluiced out his innocent soul through streams of blood:
Which blood, like sacrificing Abel's, cries,
Even from the tongueless caverns of the earth,
To me for justice and rough chastisement;
And, by the glorious worth of my descent,
This arm shall do it, or this life be spent.

Bolingbroke and Mowbray - Shakespeare's Richard II