'both bold and delicate... we left feeling uplifted and nourished.'

- Brian Clarke, Artist

     Photo: Richard Braham


'a classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read'

- Mark Twain

About Us

"If there is to be a new renaissance in the arts in our time, it will be thanks to people like the New Renaissance Company, whose eloquent abilities to reconnect music, poetry, drama and dance are already bringing pleasures unknown since the days of Elizabeth I's court to diverse and delighted audiences across modern Britain."

Professor Michael Dobson, Director of The Shakespeare Institute

The NRC is a company of artists, who met over a shared passion for dusty books. We create musical adaptations of stories you should have read and didn't get around to, using physical theatre and classical music. 

We specialise in taking different art forms (poems, songs, plays, operas) and reworking them into accessible, unique performances. 

We believe in the Renaissance spirit of trying to see the world with fresh eyes, making bridges between past worlds and our own. 

We work with our resident venue: the CLF Art Cafe, Peckham, to bring modern reworkings of this material to as many locals and travellers as we can. 



Venus & Adonis Premiere - 5-7th December

We are proud announce our upcoming show, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Venus & Adonis with music by Monteverdi at our resident venue, the CLF Art Cafe. 

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Venus & Adonis Scratch Night - Saturday 30th March

The NRC launched the development of their next show with a Scratch Night where the company presented scenes from our work-in-progress after a week of research and development.

Saturday 30th March - CLF Art Cafe, Bussey Building

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The NRC would like to thank the Swiss Church, Covent Garden for hosting us for the launch of our Friends' Programme at our first Friends' event, an evening of music, poetry, movement and wine. We would also like to thank Prof. Michael Dobson for his academic contributions to the evening. 


CLF Artistic Residency - January 2019

We are delighted to announce our partnership with The CLF Art Cafe in Peckham where we will be Artistic Residents, developing new productions and working with local schools. 

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